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Career options after 12th class for PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) Students

If you passed 12th class with physics chemistry and math’s then you have many options for selecting your career. Physics chemistry and mathematics combination can give very good success in career. Let’s talk them one by one

1) B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering ) / BTech. (Bachelor of technology) : It is degree course known as B.E., bachelor of engineering or B. Tech ( Bachelor of technology). in this course have to select branch like, CSE( Computer Science & Engineering), IT (Information Technology), ME ( Mechanical Engineering), AU( Automobile Engineering), EC( Electronics And Communication), CE( Civil Engineering) and many more. 

Admissions in BE in MP
Top Engineering College in Bhopal - SIRT
This course is 4 year course, after doing this you have enormous options for the career like you can go for the IES exam and even you can do coaching for the preparation of the railway & PSC (public sector Company) and can get handsome amount of the salary. After BE you can appear in the GATE Exam for the further study and can get admission in the NIT’s (National Institute of Technology)and IIT’s(Indian Institute of Technology). Similarly you can select any branches according to the braches at the time of BE graduation, if you got good score card then you will be eligible for the MTech in government colleges and also eligible to apply in the PSU companies directly for the job such as Indian oil etc as Jr Engineers. After that you can make your career in the teaching as assistant professor in any repudiated government and private universities and govt and private engineering colleges.  

You can go for the merchant navy as marine engineer after doing the BE you can face the MPSC and UPSC exam and can become as IAS officer.

Defense direct entry is also option for the career to become officer in the Indian navy and air force. There is an option you can also opt options for the MS from the foreign university. MBA (Master of Business Administration) combination after doing BE is also now a days good choice for the youngster who want to see themselves in any good positions in the company management.  
If you like civil filed then it becomes easy to select options for the government contractor in the civil and electrical engineering. 

2) NDA (National Defense Academy):  National Defense Academy. With is the gateway for the entry in Army, Navy and even in Air force.

3) B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture): It is related with the architecture field. You can make your career in this by doing diploma or degree in interior and landscape design. 

B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)
4) Non Technical degree/graduation programs: These types of program durations are 3 to 5 years. You can do B.Com, B.Com (Honors), BBA-LLB, BA-LLB, BBA, BBM, BCA, B.Com (Computers), BA (Economics).   BCS/BCA/BSC (Phy): after the 12th with PCM non technical courses are also the better options. After, these courses MCA and MCS, MCM and MBA exam. Many Private universities are providing good facility for doing these types of courses.

5) Film and Television Diploma: this is very creative field for making career in film editing cinematography film processing.

6) Hotel Management: It is the field for the persons who are nice in the management this course will provide you the different range of responsibilities related with the hotel. Your challenging approach will get good opportunity.

Dear readers and career aspirants other then the above discussed course there are many more courses where you can make your career, keep reading we will discuss further. 

Source By - Sagar Group of Institutions | SIRT Bhopal

Saturday, 19 May 2018

How to Search Technical College in DTE (Directorate of Technical Education) website - ( काउंसलिंग प्रकोष्ठतकनीकी शिक्षा संचालनालय, मध्य प्रदेश )

If you are new and not have any details about how to find the list of technical college then this tutorial will be very helpful for you guys, let’s see one by one

Suppose you want to search top engineering college in Bhopal then

Step1:  First type the website of the Directorate of Technical Education, Madhya Pradesh (http://www.dtempcounselling.org/1035/Home)

Image of the website is as follows 

DTE Website 
Step 2: Click on Know your College link which is indicated by the red arrow in below image.  

Step 3:  when you click it you will be redirected at another site that is 
(http://www.knowyourcollege-gov.in/Home.php), then you have to select the portion of the website that is highlighted by the red rectangle. 

college selection page 

Step4:  Here I am giving you just an example that , if you want to search top private engineering college in mp then first fill the form like in this we want to search SIRT Bhopal (Sagar Institute of Research and technology) Bhopal which is top 10 engineering college in Bhopal mp the first 

Type : state : MP

Select district : Bhopal

Other parameter will be constant or server will select it automatically.

After that you will get such type of results for the Sagar Institute of research and technology (SIRT) Bhopal with its website: http://www.sirtbhopal.ac.in

college view page 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Ultimate guide to first year student after 12th

In this rush or fast pace life to secure an engineering seat, aspirants often ignore mental, physical and psychological preparation required to actually face the first year of engineering college. Landing a seat in an engineering college of your choice is no less than a miracle in India. Engineering aspirants start preparing for this right from their school days for a host of engineering entrance examinations including JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and many others. Well, if you are a first year engineering student and you do not want to see the same transformation in you after four years, here are some tips will help engineering students to get through the first year of engineering college and make the most of it while at it.


Being in your first year of engineering you will face many difficulties and challenges. You must try to tackle them. Unlike school teachers will not be able to help with all your assignments. You must learn to plan and start your preparations on your own.


However, while focusing on all the fun and games engineering students must also not ignore their studies and academics completely. It can be seen from the syllabus of the first year engineering syllabus in India that they cover overall basics which will prepare the student to tackle the tougher academics in their future years. It is right time for the student to focus on all the available options in engineering.


Building a network will help you in many ways including future career prospects College is the place where friends are found who stay with you for life However, there is one more added advantage of building your network during your B.Tech days, when it comes to job projects and even setting up your own start-up business. So, try to build a good social, academic and professional relationship and network with your peers and it may come in handy later on.


Apart from taking up regular extra-curricular activities, engineering students can also think about taking up some add-on courses that may add some serious value to their resume and profile.  As far as academics are concerned, the first year of engineering college is entirely dedicated to strengthening their basics. Remember, at the end of the day, India is producing more engineers compared to the general demand, in such case it is always better to have some added advantage, qualification or even a hobby to set you apart from your peers.


You may feel that the subjects which are mainly basic sciences were more or less what you studied in 10+2 course. You are made to revise the basics to understand them from a core-engineering perspective and strengthen your knowledge in fundamentals which will be very valuable as you when you move higher in studies and your professional life.


Engineering is not just about securing admission in the top engineering colleges in Bhopal and obtaining a degree. Well, if you are a first year engineering student, honing leadership qualities including your communication skills, personality development must be your aim so that you become dynamic and a thorough professional to become successful in life . You are on the threshold of your future career, be it job, profession or business.Last but not the least, do make time to enjoy life and have fun.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


The young generation now uses electronic tools more than ever to communicate with their friend. Just because they are cyber equipped with technology does not necessarily mean that they can use it with equal maturity . While the internet provides potential advantages for educational institutions in terms of the students’ access to knowledge and information previously inaccessible, it also proves to have some adverse effects such as wasting time or antisocial behaviour. This conflict regarding internet use is described as “two sides of the same coin" Particularly, excessive internet use during young age is gradually increasing. Excessive use brings with it unfavourable academic, social and psychological consequences as well as the risk of internet addiction “Excessive internet use” is described as “obsessive, uncontrolled, excessive and problematic behaviour arising from use of digital technologies. Excessive internet use not only means use of the internet for extended periods, but also a condition of “inability to control online activities, with an emphasis on negative consequences arising from lack of self-control” , (“Excessive and inefficient use” of the internet is considered to be a “symptom of internet addiction.  It is a problematic condition in the frame of its “adverse effects on balanced life”, “posing an addiction risk”, “self-control ability in online activities”, and “use with negative consequences. Excessive internet use in young age is under scrutiny across the world in terms of its adverse effects, hazards and addiction risks
Block out distracting websites for a set amount of time, focus more on positive things rather negative.
2. Concentrate
Maximize focus while shifting between different tasks, concentre on particular task and be focused until you succeed in it.
3. Spirituality
Spend some time in your day for spirituality it will give mental peace.
4. Yoga
Should devote some time on Yoga & Meditation it will help in self-actualisation
5. Reading
Books are the best friend so spend more and more time with them.
6. Antisocial
Instantly block the social websites that are killing your focus.
7. Family time
Sometime in a whole day should be reserved for family & friends
 8. Focus
Remind yourself to take regular breaks to keep your focus sharp.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

How to get Increase traffic to your blog

1.     Be Strategic About Your Content

To find the target audience is a very difficult task but it’s the centerpiece to entire strategy. After identifying the target audience. Figure out exactly where they go online, and don’t try to spread yourself too slight. Make sure that you are producing valuable content- not only into your blog but also on your social accounts. The main objective here is to find out which types of content your viewers is and isn't interested in so you don’t misuse your time creating the incorrect type of content.

2.     Don’t Fear the Keywords 

Keyword is the most powerful thing which is used in any writing, Most business holders shy away from integrating keywords into their online content due to sense inundated. At the time of keyword selection keep it simple. Before you started selecting keyword keep it in mind that for whom you selecting and what is the purpose of keyword selection

3.Band Together with other bloggers

There are lots of group for bloggers where they can share their views and blogs
Some are define here

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind is a group for bloggers where they can share idea and knowledge. It is not specific for bloggers only; a professional can also can be include who have master in that field.

Guest Posting
Guest posting is the main way bloggers may decide to collaborate with each other. It may be a trade, where they post on your website and you post on their website.

Group Projects

In Group project number of people comes together to form a group for particular reason like a group of bloggers may get together to produce a chapter of an eBook.

4.Share More Than Once
When you repost your content there are lots of benefits from that in which some benefits explained here

a. More traffic

When you share your content more than once you can drive more traffic than its initial share. You can share your blog on all social media account.       

b. Reach your new followers

Sometimes it happens that our posts are relevant months after display on social media. It possible that after publish some post we make other friend also, so if we repost our old content, many of our new follower seen it for the first time.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

How to identify colleges that give you the top placement opportunity in Madhya Pradesh

Every colleges aims is to enhance the skills and qualities of student for the placement and guide them well for their bright professional career. Best placement college design different career-oriented programs, workshops to enhance student’s professional skill. Student should be tested by the experts so that the candidate can get batter professional contact without any barriers. Best Placement College also gives advice to the students that can allow them in choosing the best career.
Here are some tips to select top placement college.

·    Industry partners: College should have good contacts in industry. Colleges make sure placements in good companies so that student can benefit from all the prospective. Before proceeding towards the admission student should check the list of industry partner of the college.
·   Testimonials:  Student can check the views and testimonial of the alumni of the college.Sometimes students view also available on official site of college. These testimonials will help student to select the college.     
·        Industry experts: The placement college should be authorized and well known in the market. College should have tie up with leading and established industry. Only experts should be appoint for shaping the faculty so that they can guide student in well way.
·     Prospective career: College provide you the best opportunities according to your eligibility and skills after that it’s you who can climb the stairs of progress in your career. Sometimes, the college takes initiative to sharpen student’s professional skill so that student can get the best job. 
Above point will help you to find the Best placement college. Apart from this its mutual effort which provides the success. Whit the college student also need to hard work for getting the right direction towards your goal otherwise the college cannot offer you a good future. 

SIRT is Top Engineering College In Bhopal MP | Sagar Group of Institutions

Friday, 20 April 2018

SIRT | SAGAR GROUP OF INSTITUTION | Top Engineering Colleges in Bhopal

SIRT https://www.sirtbhopal.ac.in/  offers top technical education in the discipline of Engineering, Pharmacy and Management in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. SIRT has been one of the top campus placement colleges MP.

Career options after 12th class for PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) Students

If you passed 12th class with physics chemistry and math’s then you have many options for selecting your career. Physics chemistry and m...